Using Defensive Methods as a Clash of Clans Hack

Defensive Methods

Clash of Clans is a mobile videogame that can be played for free but also has the option of upgradeable premium features. The world of the game is widely spread and fantasy based, with intricate details and features that pull the player into immersive game play that is highly enjoyable and can last for hours and hours. Since Clash of Clans is a strategy game, the key point to remember during play is the use of long term plans and long term goals to advance ahead and play with better efficiency. This can be achieved by careful planning and using Clash of Clans hack that help plan out the strategy for using and manipulating resources in the game to give out the maximum advantage for you to steadily level up and advance in the game, so let’s hack clash of clans.

Gaming purists prefer not to use hacks as they think it cheapens the gaming experience; they say hacks add unnecessary and unneeded ease to something that wasn’t designed to be easy, but to stimulate your mind and get you thinking. However, this argument falls apart when gamers use Clash of Clans hacks strategically with careful planning where they go through a learning curve and gain knowledge about skillful execution by the use of these hacks.

Strategic Defense

A great way to advance ahead is to use strategic defense as a Clash of Clans hack. As you know, the main component of Clash of Clans game is joining clans and then multiple clans going against each other in clan wars, where clan leaders and clan members organizes coups against their enemies to de-stabilize them. There are two days give to each clan for the clan wars, one being the preparation day and other being the war day. Each player has a two attack limit to incur attacks on the enemy during the war. When individual players successfully carry out attacks against the opposing clan, they are awarded with stars. The collective number of stars each clan has is the factor that decides who wins the clan wars. But sometimes in Clash of Clans, the best offense is a well thought out defense.

If you’re one of the players that enjoys the structural building component of Clash of Clans more than the war component then defense might be the hack you want to use in the game. If you’re interested more in a defensive Clash of Clans hack, then you should focus on regularly upgrading your structures, first and foremost one being the town hall. After upgrading the town hall you should upgrade the walls of the town, then upgrade the defensive structures of the town. In the defensive structures first priority should be given to upgrading the mortar, then the archer tower next, and lastly the cannons. The most important defense structures are Mortar and air tower for your air defense. This is why it’s important to give them the most protection and place them in the middle of the town to incur the least damage. In the end, this Clash of Clans hack can really turn out to be a great defense strategy during attacks.

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