The attitude of the Mayor is prime in SimCity Buildit

Being a player, rather the mayor of the SimCity your basic aim is to plan your city to the highest level. It is just not a game but can be called as the neat planning of a developed city. The developer of the game has taken enough care to provide almost all the features of any advanced city. So there is no limit to planning your city. But to build your city as per the expectation of the modern world you need to keep a clear look at your resources. The game suffers if because of the poor planning you waste your valuable resources. So you need to make improvement in the city life according to your resources.

Expanding the SimCity population is beneficial

Any developed city attracts a huge population with its advanced facilities. Hence SimCity being the most attractive of all cannot be an exception. The basic job of the Mayor is to provide the required improved facilities to its evergrowing population. The success of the game lies in the steady growth of population. Growing population calls for the new residence with upgraded civic facilities as transport, drainage system, etc. Increasing population would gather more tax from the resident which the Mayor can utilize in beautification. If you can provide parks, theaters, and another entertaining establishment then on daily basis you would earn more coins.

Protecting the population

It is quite easily understand that you need to provide all the facilities to the people. In this regard, protection is most important. Police Station, Fire Service, Hospitals and other amenities should be matching with the population. The Mayor should take care in building these buildings so that each individual gets these facilities with ease. These amenities would make people happy about their area and hence they would not go away. In such situation revenue earning would always be high. Simcity Buildit cheats asks for a parental gesture of the Mayor who cares for the population at the highest level.

Reasonable flexibility

Sometimes you have a street already in some locality but you need to re-structure the same. Never hesitate to do so. As the scenario of that moment demands something different. Hence you must be liberal in making payments for re-organizing your streets and buildings. You must focus on customizing the city as much as you can. This is very important for the good running of the city.


The city should be able to handle the surplus production of the factories. That means the city should provide facilities for proper storage. So you must check out that whether there is enough storage building in your city. By tapping the blue balloons of the population collect required material for your city.

Now, what can be the vital factor in playing the game? Simply the attitude of the player, rather we can call him as the Mayor. The planning of the city suffers if the Mayor does not have an all-around lavish and generous outlook.

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