Play Hay Day and grow your own hay

The game Hay Day has been so popular that it has been ranked number out of 122 countries. The unique feature of the game that has made it popular is that the game has been developed in the design of the good old days of farming, which is until date considered to, be one of the noblest professions. The game involves certain basic activities like the raising of cattle, which is an essential task that needs to be performed when opening a farm. The other activities include growing the crops, taking care of them and obtaining points on the basis of the performance.

The tips that can be used to win the game

Hay Day is a simple game and utilizes the concept of the simple concept of developing a player’s own farm. The related activities that have been associated with the task of farming have also been included in this game. This means that the player also has to tend to his cattle and carry out the necessary activities. So the Hay Day cheats for diamonds that can be utilized to play the game have been listed down as follows:

Once the player reaches the level 40 of the game, he will possess a number of harvest patches. A sincere option for making coins and obtaining the optimum amount of experience in the game is that the player should choose to grow wheat. This is because it approximately takes two minutes to grow wheat and will result in the gaining of the items like stakes and land deeds, which can be later utilized by the player in the game. This means that the player can make use of the items later in the game to make money by selling them.

Another important tip for the player is that the player chooses to leave the game for some time then he should make use of the items that are remaining and cook them. This will help him to gain extra points for experience.

Moreover, if the player is aware of the fact that he will face trouble in filling up the boat then he should choose the option of sending the boat away without filling up any of the boxes.

Hay Day is not just about farming but about life

Hay Day is a game that is not just about farming and developing your own farm. The player is able to learn the skills as to how to manage a farm and raise the cattle that forms an important part of the farm. Moreover, the game teaches the player to be patient and teaches him the art of farming. So, play Hay Day and participate in the activity of farming.

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