Make your Clan the strongest

A game that has been ruling the charts for quite some time now and has been discussed by the gamers more than any other game in the recent times is the game named Clash of Clans. The single demand that has been presented by each of the gamers is that they want to play the game developed by Supercell’s skillfully in order to earn more gems. This means that in order to earn the gems the players must be aware of the CoC Cheats.

The tips and tricks of Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans Hack that can be utilized for playing the game and ultimately join one of the leading clans are as follows:

A player can arrange for free elixir by ensuring that his army camps are maintained at the highest capacity. The laboratory can be upgraded for the wall breakers. Then these wall breakers can be arranged at the barracks. The player then has to wait for the laboratory to finish after which he has to cancel the wall breakers which will result in the receipt of refund at the cost of the elixir which has been upgraded.

The elixir can be protected in a similar way. The player should maintain the army camps at the highest capacity and arrange the wall breakers at the barracks. This will ensure that the elixir that has been collected will be spent and will not be exposed to risk. This is because the army camps will be full which will use up the elixir.

The player in order to rapidly improve the game can opt for joining a clan. Joining a clan leads to the development of a pleasant social setting. The gamer also gets some help from the extra troops that are donated. Moreover, the calculated raids that are carried out by the gamer can result in the obtaining of big rewards.

The structures that are built by the gamer should be within close proximities of each other. This is because building the structures near to each other will make sure that a larger part of the facility can be covered by the turrets.

The player should also opt for keeping the strongest army unit in a central location. This will make sure that when the gamer is attacked by the opponent then his army will struggle much in order to reach the central position where the strongest unit has been located.

One of the very important Clash of Clans Hack about the game is that the units that are being spent by the gamer in an attack will not return even if the player returns victorious from the battle. So the player should be very careful in sending troops for an attack.

Form your own clan in the game

Clash of Clans has been acclaimed in the gaming world for the details with which the game has been defined. A player gets the idea as to how to maintain a clan by playing this game. So make use of the tips and tricks of the game, conquer the battles, earn huge amounts of elixir and win the game.

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