Gun of Booms: Go For Gold with These Cheats

Looking forward to teaming up with your squad to take down a rebel oppositional group? Then I am sure you would have found Guns of Boom by now. But for first timers and some old-timers, the game can be confusing to start off with and be difficult to ultimately win in. For this and more, there are cheats and hacks like So below listed are some Guns of boom cheats:

Aim for the head: It’s important to know that in this shooting game; headshot damage is much higher than just regular shots, especially when fired from sniper rifles. Sure, lining up the shot may take time as well as patience but the damage is so deadly that it will be ultimately worth it in the end. As a literal bonus, you earn some extra point too. Pro tip: you get to earn extra points even if the headshot ultimately turns out to be non-lethal.

Fire Button: Know this before entering the game- there is no fire or shoot button as such in this game because all guns fire automatically. So, all you need to do is get your enemy in the crosshairs and then the gun will do the rest. But this is the default function, if you want to control everything yourself then you can activate the shoot or fire button by going into the settings.

Killstreaks: As the name suggests its gravitas, it’s important to maintain a killstreak for extra points which are allotted for series of kills (but without you dying). Here are some stats:

For a double kill, you earn 12 extra points.

For a triple kill, you earn yourself 25 extra points.

Play as a Squad: This is a team game and so tries to work together by banding as a team. Stick close for cover instead of running alone for cover. Pro tip: Have two shotgunners run ahead and use a submachine gun holder to cover the flanks. Now complete the equation with a sniper looking out for enemies in the distance.

Grenades are the bombs: Grenades are the one-stop solution in this game. Out of ammo? Clashing with a sniper or more? Yes, the solution to it all is grenades. These long-range attack weapons will get you out of any sticky situation.

Occupy the best Position: Taking and most importantly, holding onto an advantageous position on the battleground is the ultimate key to victory. Know this, even with low ammo and HP; one can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat if a player manages to sneak up on them. It is a strategic game to the boot.

Choose your own weapon: For this to be effective, you also need to have knowledge of various magazine sizes, accuracy, base damage, scope zooms and most importantly, rates of fire. Along with this, different guns have different advantages, like some can free enemies whereas others can ignite them in the fire, some can ever steal the enemies life. So read the description carefully and coordinate among your team on which guns are the best to use so as to have guns which can cover all bases.

So keep these points in your mind and launch yourself into a battle of power.

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